Booby shortie @NerdgasmGirl wants you to ram her in the upgrade. Or upgrade her RAM. Whatever

Diana Blake, aka @nerdgasmgirl, is looking for a little help.

First, a NerdgasmGirl primer. She is 4’9″ tall with GG breasts. Yeah, she is 50% boobs. It is like God was twiddling the knobs one day and and asked himself What happens if I turn the height waaaaay down and the boobs up to 11? What does that look like? Well, it looks like NerdgasmGirl and it’s totally sexy. When she’s not getting herself off on cam, she enjoys Xbox and reading comics.

Back up — “getting herself off on cam.” Yes, she’s a cam girl (, and she’s having a wee problem. Computer can’t handle the workload! As she puts it on her tumblr (, the machine “just can’t keep up and at least once a night I’m having to interrupt the sexy for a hard boot. Super boner killer.”

She goes on:

Let’s save the boners! I’ve picked out my next laptop as well as a ram upgrade I’ll be installing. All told it will be a little over $700 so I’m asking for help! Anyone sending giftcards to my email: will get videos and goodies in return!

A little money to keep the boobs jiggling across computer screens everywhere. Oh, you wanted to see pictures? I got pictures for you…

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  1. Hi Diana how’s was your day and how is you evening so far?. I discovered you not to long ago and I’m very much stuck on you. You are by far one of the most beautiful women I’ve seen in a while. I love your demeanor and the way you carry yourself. keep up the great work.

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