Siri @siripornstar gives a boobology lesson

Something kind of cool happened on Twitter tonight. If there’s anything I like more than looking at some great boobs it’s hearing (or reading) a woman with great boobs talking about them — so when busty porn star Siri (@SiriPornStar)wrote “Here’s your #BIOLOGY lesson of the day!!” I was more than intrigued. She sent out a link to a discussion on a Freeones message board.

Some guy posted:
Question about Siri and her giant boobs
     Um, where the hell are her nipples?

Siri replied:
Re: Question about Siri and her giant boobs
     Time for a BIOLOGY LESSON!
     There’s nothing wrong with my nipples. My body is an example of a really common genetic variance called inverted nipples.
     Up to 20% of all females in the entire world are born with one or both nipples inverted. Some women’s nipples become inverted after birth for various reasons including pregnancy, giving birth, weight loss, etc.
     For the record, I was born this way and my nipples have both been inverted for my entire life, throughout my childhood, adolescence and continuing now into my adulthood. As I get older though, they’ve start to “come out” more and more often.
     There is a cosmetic surgery procedure that will “outvert” the nipples so that they look “normal” but honestly, I personally think that’s stupid and a waste of money.
     It’s only once every few months that a fan (such as yourself) comments on my nipples, who has apparently has never seen or heard of inverted nipples before. And all of my fans seem to really get a kick out of them! They will poke out completely when I’m freezing, when it’s windy, or when I’m extremely turned on (as long as it’s not hot or humid, in which case they don’t do anything because they’re so sensitive to temperature). Sadly for you guys, you almost NEVER get to see my nips out, because photoshoots are always hot and gross and sweaty with all of the high-voltage lights on set and it forces my nipples to go as inverted as they possibly can go. If you want the occasional treat though you should subscribe to my website ( and follow me on Vine because I always take pics/video to show them off when they come out!
     Speaking of which, inverted nipples are usually just as sensitive as erect nipples. And though I personally do not have nor plan on having any children, most women with inverted nipples don’t have any issue breastfeeding, either.

You may note in these pictures from that her nipples do come out to say hi. Hi nipples!

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