Bibi Jones Whitney Knight Adrianna Luna

2013: The Year in Nude Selfies, @_bibijones to @blondieblow

Bibi Jones Whitney Knight Adrianna Luna
Did you know that “selfie” was the word of the year in 2013? I fucking didn’t, but the internets says so (actually it was Oxford Dictionaries — and I promise no more dictionary links in this post). The selfie has been not just a big word but a big concept for a long time, especially when there are tits and/or ass and/or a pretty face in the frame. Needless to say I’ve been retweeting nude selfies ever since I joined Twitter; it’s kind of what I am known for. But regardless of whether “they” say it’s a big word, 2013 was a big year for selfies. There were loooots of boobs ‘n bums sent out on Twitter and I did my best to keep up with them. And to put a final cap in the ass of 2013 I decided to go through the twitter profiles of the more-than-2,000 babes I follow and pull one great 2013 selfie from each. Well, from most. In truth it was not nearly as scientific as I described it, and I am sure I missed lots of worthy ladies. But shit — I got about 850 naked girls taking selfies from 2013 that you just gotta see, and I’ll be posting them in big batches. Ladies, if I got your name wrong, or you don’t want your picture on this page at all, DM me @babestoday and I’ll fix/remove immediately.

Here are the first 100 of my 800+ picture Year in Nude Selfies extravaganza:

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