A Man, His Wife and her Beautiful DDs: @BJIAcouple in Selfie Mag Issue 10

Sure, you might think this site is all about the lust — and you’re not totally wrong. But love is a damn good thing too. I appreciate love. Love is beautiful. I love to see love when it’s the kind of love that makes a man show off his incredibly hot wife.

I give you @BJIAcouple.

The man here goes by “B” and his wife of 13 years, mother of their four children, is “C” — and he loves her so goddamn much. And he loves her tits so goddamn much. He sends out pictures of them with stuff like:

“And boom bitches. Look at those BIG BEAUTIFUL DOUBLE D TITTIES”
“So damn beautiful”
“OMG!! Its like a topless angel just jumped in my window. Big ass DDs.”
“She is so great. I love these #DDs #bigtits #bedtimetits”
“She is just a badass. #bedtimetitties #DDs Fuck i need to get home”
“Tits everywhere #bigtits #greatnips #sexyasfuck #milf #WOW Just want to touch it”

@BJIAcouple don’t have an official site, they’re not porn stars or professionally naked in any way. Just purely in it to share her sexiness with the world. That’s a beautiful thing. She’s a beautiful woman. Enjoy and follow.

(Oh, and #teamdarknipples FTW!)

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