Joey Fisher

A Strange Pair of Jeans Won’t Stop @joeyfisher_ From Showing Us her HUGE BOOBS

I’m not usually the most observant guy when it comes to fashion being “flattering” or not—I mean, I know Joey Fisher is hot and that when the boobs come out (as they do when the camera starts a-clicking) it will be a thing of beauty. But even I, in my who-cares-what-she’s-wearing obliviousness, must take issue with this pair of striped jeans they’ve put our Joey into. These are some fucked up trousers! Whose idea was this? I am surprised Joey is not actually crying in these pictures. “Damn these jeans! Why must I wear these hideous, hip-bloating trousers? What are you trying to do to me, you horrid stylist? What utter bollocks!”

Fortunately somewhere around picture 10-11 in this gallery below she’s come to her senses and begun to remove the unpleasant things, revealing a nice white lacy thong. Ahh, now that’s more like it. Somebody take those jeans out back and burn them, we’re trying to enjoy a sexy woman here.

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