Say Hello to Keisha Grey’s Boobs and Website

Keisha Grey, you have to admit, is a cute fucking porn star. There are cute porn stars, and then there are the less cute ones, who may be sexually attractive but you wouldn’t want to take them to the prom. Keisha Grey, though, has always had a cuteness, a baby face and a pretty smile, that isn’t all that common in porn. Even when she vamps it up with some fetishy outfit or slick backdrop, she still looks cute and cuddly.

So this is a happy time, for Keisha Grey’s official site has launched. If you agree that Keisha is exceptional, if your eyeballs hunger for that cute face, those perfect squeezable boobs, that ultra-slappable ass, they you sir (or madam) are in luck. KeishaXXX is here. And let’s be clear: if your eyeballs hunger for videos of Keisha sucking big cocks and getting fucked silly, KeishaXXX is your destination for plenty of that as well.

(I once said that Keisha Grey was my favorite porn star, and I’ll only amend that slightly by saying that naked DJ Darcie Dolce is my favorite girl-girl-only porn star. Clearly, someone needs to set these two up; we must see them squishing boobs as soon as possible.)



Check Out Keisha Grey Videos!





Check Out Keisha Grey Videos!





Check Out Keisha Grey Videos!

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