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Sofi A MET-Art

Are Sofi A’s boobs getting bigger?

Really, are the lovely breasts of Sofi A having a growth spurt? It can happen — a girl can get well into her 20s and boo-yah! Suddenly she goes up a cup size (or several cup sizes in the case of September Carrino). Sofi A, my favorite of all the MET-Art Eurobabes, has always had perfectly shaped and pleasantly large boobs, but in these recent pictures they look bigger than I remember.

Agree or disagree? Have fun studying the evidence below, and at MET-Art, where you will find several thousands of pictures of Sofi.

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Tessa Fowler

Tessa Fowler @TessaFowler loves her some Cocks

The massively boobiful Tessa Fowler debuted this week on PinupFiles, and man is she psyched.

Psyched about being on PinupFiles? Hey, guys have been staring at her tits (30GG) for a long time, so it’s not like there was any doubt she’d be a star on a site like PinupFiles, where the girls are pretty and the boobs are big.

But knowing what I do about her, I can say she is most definitely psyched for college football season, which is right around the corner. Tessa was featured in a Playboy College Girls issue from 2012 representing her school, South Carolina, which is ranked #7 in the preseason poll.

“Go Cocks!” Tessa says, and you’d be a fool to argue with her. If Tessa wants the Cocks to go, then I predict that the Cocks will go. She’s very persuasive. Rah rah for more Tessa at Pinupfiles.