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Splash Heroes Calendar by Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz

Cool “Wet Heroes” Girlie Calenda– HOLY SHIT IT’S IGA WYRWAL!

Photographer Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz got a bit famous for his phenomenal series of nude girls wearing splashes of milk—you can see some of those here and here.

Now he’s gone and one-upped himself by creating a 2015 calendar in his “milky pinups” style, but this time the liquids are colored and make superhero costumes. It’s really amazing. You can learn more about it, see videos, and (nudge, nudge) buy the thing at the Aurum Light blog.

You know what else is amazing? Miss March in this calendar, Power Girl. Power Girl here is amaaaaaaaaaaazing. Why is Power Girl so amazing? Because Power Girl is Iga Wyrwal, a legendary—legendary I say—lad-mag model with boobs I have called perfect on more than one occasion. Really, I agree that those who’ve been at it awhile and are still going—your Lucy Pinders, your Rosie Joneses—are stunning, but Iga Wyrwal left us far too soon. This is, far as I know, the closest thing she’s done to a topless shoot in a good while. Hooray for that—is she gonna make a comeback?

To see Iga with much less paint on her boobs, check out this earlier post I did on her. And Iga’s topless photos from Girlfolio are also worth your time.

Lisa Winters

Tribute to Bunny Yeager: Playboy Playmate Lisa Winters

Bunny Yeager, a photographer of pinup models and a former model herself, died this weekend at age 85. Yeager was truly a hot piece of tail, let’s not let that go unsaid. Or unshown:

For all her pinup work, she will probably be remembered for a couple related things. One was her connection to Bettie Page — Yeager shot some jungle-themed pictures of Bettie that are iconic, as well as the famous Christmas picture of a winking Bettie that became the January, 1955 centerfold in Playboy magazine. Bunny went on to shoot a handful of other Playmate pictorials.

Bunny shot pictures for many other publications, but Playboy is the mammoth name brand and, because it has endured, it’s one of the only places you’ll find high-resolution pictures by Bunny. You can go to plenty of blogs and message boards where you’ll find scans from long-dead magazines, but you have to join for the best stuff.

Here’s my favorite Playmate pictorial by Bunny — Lisa Winters, Miss December 1956. Rest in peace, Bunny.