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61 Sexy Twitter Pictures from Valentine’s Day 2015

Here it is February 15, 2015, and as I was catching up on some tweets from the last day or so I noticed a lot of friendly and sexy Valentine’s wishes from girls I follow. How sweet of them! Sometimes there were roses and red and pink things in the pictures, sometimes there was nakedness but other times not, sometimes the picture was really Valentines-ey with some text on it and hearts—but other times they were just pretty or happy or sexy or naked pictures. It was really a little bit of everything, but the important part is these girls all took a second to tweet their Valentines wishes to their followers. Here are just some of the pictures they sent out; if you like what you see give them a follow! I hope your Valentine’s Day had some real-life T&A in it, but if it didn’t, just remember that all these girls wish you well.

Listed in reverse alphabetical order…


You Better Get to Following @coybrooks77 on Twitter

I’m not gonna go on and on with a lotta froufrou verbiage on this one — this Twitter babe @coybrooks77 is a wife and mom in New Zealand, and she is phenomenal. She is very pretty, looks very good naked, and is very interested in doing fun naked stuff. She asked me what she should do and I was like, “I dunno… why don’t you paint my name on your breasts and then get in the shower and wash it off? The pictures below are what happened. I also include the “green sweater” series because boobs. Follow @coybrooks77 I say! Follow her!


Bama Fan @KamillaSC1 Says #RollTide, Look at my Boobs #Tits4TDs

Hello again football fans — so Alabama has finally risen to the top spot in the College Football Playoff rankings, thanks to last week’s win over top-ranked Mississippi State. In fact the Crimson Tide leapfrogged over Florida State and Oregon — the committee likes them, they really like them.

Kamilla Kaboose really likes her Tide, that much is for sure. You can find her on every given Saturday cheering her tits off for the team from Tuscaloosa. Well, she doesn’t cheer them off—that would be a pity, because they’re really nice tits. But she cheers hard for her team, wearing Alabama T-shirts and hats and panties that might have a tendency to come flying off. Well, just look at the pictures below, you’ll get the idea. The girl’s team is good, and even if you’re not an Alabama fan you have to admire the spirit and pompoms on this one.

Kamilla is @KamillaSC1 on Twitter, and you can find all sorts of awesome clips and pictures of her on Southern Charms ( She’s a PAWG (Phat Ass White Girl) who’s mighty proud of that ass, and with good reason, but I commend her on her boobs as well. And dammit, pardon me if I get a little dorky here, but she suuuure is puuuurty, ain’t she? I even included a couple pictures here that are just her face—no nipples or buttcrack or panties or wife-beater tee, no nuttin’, just her face—in Alabama apparel, because she’s pretty. That isn’t like me. If you want picture sets or videos, or have other requests, e-mail her at

Oh, and the football: Top-ranked Alabama is currently leading Western Carolina 41-14 in the 3rd quarter. So they will be #1 next week too. Roll Tide!