Hot girls love their kitties, don’t they? Don’t take that the wrong way, we’re not talking about inappropriately loving their kitties. Just the standard love a person feels for a pet, only in this case it’s a really hot person who takes nude selfies that the cat sometimes photobombs. It’s a little something I call — what else? — Kitties on Titties. It’s bound to be the biggest Twitter photo trend since planking. These are a few of the Kitties on Titties pictures I’ve noticed, as I find more I will add them.

Amazing that I got through that without referring to the photogenic felines as “pussies.”

Props to the posers and their pussies: @CBtittysnkittys, @AoifeOneal, @NerdgasmGirl, @marie4658, @katt_garciaXXX, @got2luvmee, @robinbanxx1, @keishagreyxxx, @antonellakahllo, @riaxxxmartinez, @MsNikkiLynn_, @MissTylerXXX, and @missvioletvega.

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