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Alyssa Arce from Yume Magazine

Damn, Alyssa Arce Is WORKING it After Playboy

A girl becomes a Playboy Playmate — hey, she’s reached the mountaintop. The nudie mountaintop, which I imagine is like a big breast thrusting out of the ground, and she’s standing there on the tippy-top of the nipple, for her allotted month screaming at the top of her ample lungs, “I am the sexiest! Hear me world, I am Miss July and I am the sexiest woman on the planet at this very moment, and for these 31 days!”

And then what? She goes to a lot of parties at an old boy’s “Mansion”, plays croquet with Matthew Perry and volleyball with James Caan and more or less fades into the background? That is basically what happens. But not so with Alyssa Arce, who was a hell of a Playmate with her L.A. Speedway photo shoot and such. Alyssa stripped for Playboy. Alyssa stripped for Terry Richardson. Alyssa stripped for S Magazine.

Here’s Alyssa again getting sexy and basically nude. Not stripping but what she’s wearing is see-through so it’s all good. This is for Yume magazine; you may want to visit the large repository of arty nude shoots at yumemag.net.

Don’t you stop doing you, Alyssa Arce. Don’t you ever stop.

Alyssa Arce

6 more Alyssa Arce photos from nude-tastic Terry Richardson shoot

Alyssa Arce, Playboy Playmate, meets Terry Richardson, oddball woman-stripper. Ehrm, I mean photographer. Terry takes pictures of a lot of things, you can see them at TerrysDiary.com, but of course for my money the best photos involve women who are stripping their clothes off.

Alyssa Arce is a Playboy Playmate which implies that she will look quite awesome with her clothes off, and she sure does. This is Part II of Terry’s Alyssa adventure — see Part I here: “Playboy Playmate Alyssa Arce by Terry Richardson”