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April ONeil American Pervert

April O’Neil @undeux Is American Perfect on American Pervert

Gosh I do like this American Pervert website. One, because it’s a parody of Terry Richardson, who deserves to be parodied (actually, he is kind of a parody of himself to begin with, so—wait, now I’m getting confused). And two—let’s face it, the important thing—is the site relies heavily on the 100% natural and flawless talents of April O’Neil. April O’Neil is one of my favorite gals in the porn game, always has been (my Twitter avatar is and always will be an image from her early pre-porn career), and these American Pervert scenes suit her perfectly. God she looks good! I mean, she always looks good, but the photography is a bit cooler and more artistic than your normal porn style (even if it is only ironically so—wait, I’m confused again) and it goes well with her coolness. The site is pretty new, part of the BangBros empire of sites, and it looks like she’s in half the scenes they filmed for launch. That is an excellent April-to-not-April ratio for a porn site! (The other chicks on the site are hot too, don’t get me wrong.)

I theorized awhile ago, on some other blog, that April has the most perfect natural breasts in porn, and I think that these pictures continue to support that theory. Enjoy, and visit BangBros for more.

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