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Ava Addams

Is @AvaAddams the Greatest MILF in Porn?

That is a questionable question; if you’ve followed my posts you know that I do hold a special place in my heart (going back, like, two blogs ago) for Charlee Chase. But get down to it, it’s like having a Kobe vs. Jordan debate. Really? Must we debate this? Charlee Chase is a hell of a sexy lady who has been nice to me over the years in terms of retweets, promos, and an interview. But then — Ava Addams is pretty fucking sweet too. So what if you brought Charlee Chase and Ava Addams into the same room to settle this debate?

I think it would be crystal clear: This debate is stupid. You’ve got Charlee Chase and Ava Addams standing there in front of you and it is the greatest MILF porn star party ever.

These pictures of Ava Addams come from Bikini Riot, a great site for naked girls wearing (well, technically not wearing) bikinis.

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