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Beth Lily aka Charlie B

You Want @BethanyLilyA Topless Pictures? We Got @BethanyLilyA Topless Pictures

Just about every day now, I find myself saying on Twitter than Beth Lily will rule the world. Well, I am of course referring to the “world” of glamour modeling—she’s not, you know, ISIS or SPECTRE or the Legion of Doom. (But if there is a Legion of Boobs—she’s in it. Can there please be a Legion of Boobs?) I’m just saying we have these superstars like Lucy Pinder, Keeley Hazell, Rosie Jones, etc—these young topless models who are on the cover of every lad mag, in every UK tabloid, doing all kinds of calendars and public appearances.

Based on a small sampling of her body of work, I am saying Beth Lily is the next. The next whatever you want to call it, Queen of the Boobs, Princess of Page 3, Titan of Toplessness, I could go on like this but I won’t. Here’s what she looks like in the Daily Star:
Beth Lily
Here’s what she looks like in the Star next to a zombie and wearing a stupid hat:
Beth Lily
Here’s what she looked like in Loaded, which is where I first saw her. This picture caused me to spit coffee all over my desk:
Beth Lily

Beth Lily. Next big thing. Out of nowhere. Public starving for more of her. I can tell you that she will be launching her own site soon, and you can bet your ass I will be covering it like the journalist I am, but maybe this will tide you over.

Pictures from OnlyTease of “Charlie B”—better known to the world she is soon to conquer as Beth Lily. Enjoy, fuckers: