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Aruba Jasmine

Welcome to Porn Superstardom, @ArubaJasmine. You’ll Do Well

Hello, Aruba. We’ve been waiting for you.

I gotta say, sometimes a girl shows up on the the Twitter or the internets and you’re just like WHOA. The exotic Aruba Jasmine (@ArubaJasmine), with her curvy T&A and unforgettable face started showing up in my Twitter timeline, retweeted by her British telephone/chat friends and lesbian lovers, and I was like WHOA. This girl is breathtaking, and naked, and nobody looks like her, and we will not be able to get enough. And we can’t. Those who’ve discovered her on Twitter are bowing down and worshiping her in rapidly growing numbers. Then not too long ago some tweets begin coming over the wire that she’s shooting her first hardcore scene for Brazzers.


Well, she did, and it’s fantastic. I didn’t expect she’d go into porn, but here we are — she seems totally enthusiastic, it’ll bring her awesomeness to a larger audience, and she’s obviously very good at it. Just look at these pictures. This girl will be very successful in whatever sector of the adult business she pursues, and she will probably pursue several. Every site, from wholesome glamour to down-n-dirty porn will want her. She might form a band (oh yeah, she plays guitar — HOT), she might rap (oh yeah, she raps — HOT), who knows. I’m calling this one early — Aruba Jasmine will be a superstar.

You, my horny friend, will want her. Here she is; visit Brazzers to see more explicit action:

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