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Lindsey Pelas

Vote for @LindseyPelas Because She Runs Boobily and NSFW-ness

Lindsey Pelas for CGOY at PlayboyPlusLindsey Pelas, Lindsey Pelas, Lindsey Pelas — suddenly this bodacious blonde Playboy Cyber Girl is all over the place thanks to some videos and other shenanigans. Well, let’s be straight — the FIRST reason she is all over anywhere is that she’s a beautiful blonde with a smoking body that includes large breasts, which she shows without any pesky clothing in the way for Playboy Plus. And then these videos came out on Instagram (below), and they’re a sensation as you might expect. And then she supposedly had to do with Dan Bilzerian’s swift exit from Snapchat. You can look that up—Bilzerian, the King of Instagram, jets around the world brandishing guns, his beard, and Lindsey’s boobs. If he were a fictional character, he’d be a little hard to believe, but no, he is apparently real and exists as a testament to just how ordinary your own life is. You can call him a dick all day long, but you obviously do so out of jealousy. We men aren’t that difficult to read. You may have an intellectual objection to Bilzerian or dislike certain things he’s done, but you’re also just jealous as fuck.

But I am losing the thread—Lindsey Pelas. The girl who should win Cyber Girl of the Year (VOTE FOR HER HERE), and who is all kinds of nude at Playboy Plus. In fact, she is all kinds of nude on this very page, after these videos. Keep scrolling down…

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Lindsey Pelas

You MUST Vote for @LindseyPelas to Be Cyber Girl of the Year #CGOY

Lindsey Pelas for CGOY at PlayboyPlusI don’t care. I don’t wanna hear it. Don’t even bother trying to convince me that any other girl should win. Lindsey Pelas is the favorite and the rightful winner and that is simply that.

Is it because she has the biggest boobs? Well, that is a factor. I can take that criticism, if it is criticism—”You just want her to win because she has the biggest boobs.” Look, somebody has to have the biggest boobs, that’s just a fact of life. And if I’m picking the CGOY I am not going to pick a girl who has A-cups. I’m just not. So yes, it is not surprising that I would endorse Lindsey Pelas.

Go to the Cybergirl of the Year voting page and vote your conscience. If you’re conscience doesn’t tell you to vote Lindsey, well, I think you’re a little nutty, but whatever.

Lindsey is clearly the best. And if she wins, there will be many, many, many more pictures and videos of her (and yes, those spectacular breasts) at PlayboyPlus.

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Lindsey Pelas

Playboy did a good thing with @LiNDSEY_P_ because BOOBS

I don’t think a girl should be penalized for having huge, shapely, miraculous boobies. I just don’t. This may not be a popular thing to say, but it’s my credo: Girls with big tits deserve love too.

(My other credo is — if you have to have a credo — you know, go for it. You only go around this crazy merry-go-round once.)

So I imagine Playboy took a look at the goddess-like Lindsey Pelas and they thought, hmm… she’s very pretty but her triple-D boobs are also huge and amazing. Is this what our readers want? Is it possible there is too much amazingness here and we should go with someone less amazing?

There’s much more of Lindsey and her abundant amazingness at Playboy.com. C’mon, she’s waiting for you. Don’t hate her because she’s boobiful.