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Jamie Bradford

Playboy Model Jamie Bradford Gets Naked and Weird in a Hotel Room

Ever have one of those days when you want to go to a hotel in the middle of nowhere to get away from it all? And then you want a hot blonde girl in cowboy boots and a funny leopard hat to show up on her skateboard? And then you want her to come into your hotel room and start taking her clothes off — well everything but the cowboy boots and funny leopard hat? And then out come the 3D glasses, and the boxes of lo mein, and pretty soon it’s just the weirdest and sexiest hotel getaway with a Playboy model you’ve ever had. Not that you have had many.

These pictures are a small sampling of a much bigger gallery — sign up at Playboy.com to see the rest.

Dani Mathers

Wanna See Playboy Playmate Dani Mathers Naked on a Beach?

Look, it’s not a difficult question — do you want to see a nubile blonde with big tits getting naked on the beach and rolling in the sand? If this interests you, then Dani Mathers, Miss May 2014, is just what you need. Good god, look at this girl. Incredibly sexy, and there’s a ton more of her at Playboy.com.

Now, if your answer to that not-difficult question was “No, I do not want to see nude big boob blonde on beach,” you are probably on the wrong website. We don’t serve your kind here.

Sasha Bonilova

Sasha Bonilova Has Big Tits. Thank You, Ukraine

It’s true! Playboy Playmate Sasha Bonilova has big tits — 36DD to be exact. And she was born in Lutsk, Ukraine. Given the trends in Playmates over the last few years, a bra-buster like Sasha is fairly rare. But here’s a bit of trivia — Sasha was one of two Ukrainian-born Playmates in 2011, and they were both blessed with double-D hooters! What does this mean? I think it means all Ukrainian women have big awesome boobs. Don’t tell me I need a larger sample size, what are you, Bill Nye?

See more of Sasha and her Ukrainian delicacies at Playboy.com.

Congrats CGOY @elizabethmarxs, You Are Really Hot!

You know, every man wants to congratulate really hot girls on being hot. It’s the root desire of every compliment we give and the unspoken message every woman should appreciate when we get caught staring at her boobs. Congratulations, you are hot!

So from the bottom of my heart I say, Congratulations, Elizabeth Marxs, you are Playboy’s Cybergirl of the Year 2014, and you are hot!

As Cybergirl of the Year, Elizabeth will have her ass plastered all over Playboy’s site for a solid 12 months. Literally, it will be her ass, and boobs, and face, etc. Every inch of her, although no plaster will actually be used. So that is something to look forward to provided you are a member of the Playboy website, which you should be.

Elizabeth says so. “Come on, big boy, am I not worth it?”