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Karin Taylor, Jami Ferrell, Rachel Jean Marteen Playboy Safari

This Is the Greatest Playboy Photo Shoot Ever. #Fact

In 1999, Playboy put three popular Playmates on a plane and flew them to Africa with photographer Richard Fegley, and what happened next is, in my humble opinion, the greatest photo shoot Playboy has ever done. The cast of characters set it up for greatness—you’ve got Karin Taylor and Jami Ferrell, who are two of the best Playmates of the ’90s. Really, they’re both for sure in the top 10. And then you’ve got Rachel Jean Marteen, who is undoubtedly a very beautiful girl, maybe not in my personal top 10 but certainly a knockout by any standards. Fegley is one of the great Playboy shooters, his images at the start of his career helped define the Playboy look of the ’70s. This would be one of his last shoots for Playboy, as he died in 2001. And then you’ve got Africa itself—specifically, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Botswana—good lord, if this doesn’t make you want to be a rich bastard roaming the savanna with your own naked and racially-diverse harem, I feel bad for you son.

In the magazine, it was 10 pages, and some of the images were quite small. And even then, a lot of great stuff was left out. But nothing is left out at Playboy’s official site. They’ve got 80+ shots from this naked adventure! That is just fucking awesome!

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