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Rihanna Lui Magazine

Rihanna Is Nude in Lui Magazine by Mario Sorrenti

This is so not surprising — and yet nobody seemed to know about it. Rihanna of the pierced nip, nipslip, ass-flash, whatever — Rihanna the pop star who seems about to get naked at all times. And now she has in a super sexy bunch o’ pictures by Mario Sorrenti for French girlie-mag Lui. She’s already being criticized for her tanlines, but let’s keep in mind a lot of men like the tanline look. It tells you you’re seeing something normally covered, something secret, those parts of the woman where — literally — the sun don’t shine. It’s a retro look and a retro (even quaint) idea. But back to Ri-Ri — what a sexy ’70s Penthouse Pet or porn star she would have been! Enjoy…


Rihanna’s pierced nipple just don’t give a fxxk

She’s getting ready to come out of a hotel in Stockholm, where there will be fans and paparazzi waiting, and what is she thinking? Not “oh, I better not wear this meshy see through top.”

Nah, she’s thinking something more like “dammit, how did I lose my phone charger again?”

Walks out and waves to the crowd. Cameras go off. Her pierced nipple steals the show. This happens quite frequently, actually.