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Stacey Poole

Holy 32F-ing Mackerel! Need @StaceyPoole1 and her Boobs Stat!

I was just wondering whether I have enough Stacey Poole on this site and guess what—I haven’t got ANY Stacey, aside from a mention in this Farewell to Nuts post (aww, such a sad day that was). No Stacey Poole? WTF, dude?

So we’d better fix that right away—it’s a poor excuse for a site about babes today without Stacey and her 32F squeezables. She is truly a babe. And here she is. Today. These pictures come from Layered Nylons, where Stacey flaunts her nude body in and out of nylons.

Nuts - The Final Shoot

Pour One Out for Nuts — Awesomest Boobie Mag Is No More

Sad news this week for fans of topless busty British girls — after a 10-year run, Nuts is no more. Nuts has been a reliable source for super-sexy shots of Rosie Jones, Lucy Pinder, Sophie Howard, Holly Peers, and dozens more chestally-gifted flowers of England for ten fucking years, and now it’s just… gone. Seems weird because in the Nuts-vs-Zoo battle (both are, or were, weekly men’s magazines that are obsessed with breasts) Nuts was well ahead of Zoo in terms of circulation. Maybe there is more to this story. Not that we care — we care much, much more about seeing the photogenic breasts of Rosie, Lucy, Holly, etc. — where will they go? How will they continue to satisfy public demand? Will they resurface over at Zoo, which is more conservative than Nuts was? We just don’t know.

This is The Final Shoot, a sexy but somber showcase of some of Nuts‘ biggest (still active) names: Lucy Pinder, Joey Fisher, Stacey Poole, Lucy Collett, Holly Peers, India Reynolds, Rosie Jones, and Emma Glover.

So long, Nuts, and thanks for all the tits: