Avril Lund

The Sex Chair

What’s in a chair? Well in the case of one particular rattan chair (or is it wicker? who cares?), lots of naked women. It’s sometimes called a “peacock chair,” although it’s also been called the “Emmanuelle chair.” That’s because the chair has been associated with the softcore movie franchise Emmanuelle since its start in 1974. We’ll get to some Emmanuelle pictures later; first a gallery of hot naked vintage babes in the chair:

Here’s a smaller gallery just to demonstrate how pervasive this chair was in the Emmanuelle world. Note that in the first couple images, Sylvia Kristel isn’t even sitting in the right kind of rattan chair. It seems that Kristel sitting in a peacock chair was so iconic that they plopped her in one for promo materials for Tigers in Lipstick (1979). We’re including some Eva Nera shots and Laura Gemser because she was the protagonist of the knockoff Emanuelle (note just one “m”) series; Eva Nera was released as an Emanuelle film in some countries.