Danica Dillon

“My New Tits Are Pretty Banging” Says @danicadillon

If you’re familiar with Danica Dillon, you might notice there is a bit more of her to love now. Specifically in the region between her collarbone and navel.

“My new tits are pretty banging,” she said on Twitter in the not-too-distant past.

You’re right about that, sister. These pictures of Danica and her banging new tits come from Manuel Ferrara’s site, where you can also see Danica getting banged.

Viola Bailey

Viola Bailey’s Coconuts Are Bigger Than Coconuts

When you think of a coconut, how big are we talking? A handful? Bigger than an apple but smaller than a honeydew, maybe. The size of a nice-sized breast, maybe. Well, Viola Bailey is here to set you straight, posing naked with many coconuts. And as you can see, they are much smaller than her breasts. Of course, her breasts are quite large, so it all makes sense. Next time you catch yourself saying “Wow, that chick has a nice set of coconuts,” be sure you’re not selling her boobs short. Viola Bailey doesn’t have a nice set of coconuts—she has a nice set of giant coconuts.

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Sensual Jane

Congratulations @SensualJane on 40K! And Great Boobs

No no no no no I am NOT saying that Sensual Jane has size 40K breasts. Good lord, 40K. That would be too much of a good thing.

No, Sensual Jane has something like 36DDs, or maybe 36DDDs (bra sizing is not exactly a science)—they’re big and lovely, that much is obvious.

And Jane (with some help from those magnificent boobs) now has 40,000+ followers on Twitter. It happened today. That is the 40K I am congratulating her on. If you’re not following her, clickity-click on over to @SensualJane on Twitter and touch her on her follow button.

Might as well congratulate her on the boobs too—they are quite amazing. See a lot more Sensual Jane and her sensual breasts at Score.