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Kelly Hall

Topless Crusader @KellyHallModel Makes the Case for Boobs

Is Page 3 in danger? Will British news lovers soon be denied their daily dose of boobs? Well, it looks like the long-running institution is safe for now (if you don’t know about it — you get topless girls on the third page of major tabloid newspapers in the UK), but there was a bit of a scare recently when the boobs went bye-bye. The tatas said ta-ta. But it was a temporary absence (it happened for a few days around January 20 or so) and toplessness returned to the Sun just as the anti-Page 3 campaigners were in full gloat mode.

Body in Mind, a site where you can find amazing shots of some of the best Page 3 Girls, put out this photo shoot of Kelly Hall. “Je Suis Page 3” it proclaimed, a reference to Charlie Hebdo that might not have been in the best taste. But then, “taste”—as defined by some ninny you wouldn’t even want to know—isn’t the point with Page 3, is it? The point is to bow down before the epic beauty of a creature like Kelly Hall. Bow down, or stand up, whatever you think is best.

Kelly Hall

There’s something tasty in @kellyhallmodel’s kitchen. It’s boobs!

What’s better than a busty naked girl whipping up some delicious vittles in the kitchen? Probably nothing — I mean, food and sex are the two greatest hedonistic pleasures we as humans know. Serve up some deliciousness with a side of boob and I’m staying for seconds. Or at least the second. Of the two boobs. Betcha can’t crunch just one.

Even if it’s just a freakin’ apple. Kelly Hall here hasn’t labored over some complex casserole or wokked herself silly — she’s just holding an apple. Hmm, girl stripping, offering you an apple — you’ve seen this before, you wily snake-in-the-grass you.

And if this is the garden of Eden and Kelly Hall is your Eve — it’s a done deal. She hands you the apple and shows you the melons and all of a sudden Daddy-O looks down from heaven and he’s like “Get off my lawn. Sinners.”

This is just one of the many fantastic shoots you’ll find at Body In Mind, home of some of the best naked models online.

Kelly Hall Rhian Sugden

Topless pillow fight! @kellyhallmodel and @rhianmarie go at it

The topless pillow fight is a neglected tradition in naked-lady photography — leave it to Body In Mind to revive this solid concept. Girls just love getting their tits out and whacking each other with pillows! And these are not just any old “girls” — these are Kelly Hall and Rhian Sugden, supremely desirable British babes whose boobs have been in all the fanciest magazines. This may be the best topless pillow fight ever.

See the full sexy shoot at Body In Mind.