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Splash Heroes Calendar by Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz

Cool “Wet Heroes” Girlie Calenda– HOLY SHIT IT’S IGA WYRWAL!

Photographer Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz got a bit famous for his phenomenal series of nude girls wearing splashes of milk—you can see some of those here and here.

Now he’s gone and one-upped himself by creating a 2015 calendar in his “milky pinups” style, but this time the liquids are colored and make superhero costumes. It’s really amazing. You can learn more about it, see videos, and (nudge, nudge) buy the thing at the Aurum Light blog.

You know what else is amazing? Miss March in this calendar, Power Girl. Power Girl here is amaaaaaaaaaaazing. Why is Power Girl so amazing? Because Power Girl is Iga Wyrwal, a legendary—legendary I say—lad-mag model with boobs I have called perfect on more than one occasion. Really, I agree that those who’ve been at it awhile and are still going—your Lucy Pinders, your Rosie Joneses—are stunning, but Iga Wyrwal left us far too soon. This is, far as I know, the closest thing she’s done to a topless shoot in a good while. Hooray for that—is she gonna make a comeback?

To see Iga with much less paint on her boobs, check out this earlier post I did on her. And Iga’s topless photos from Girlfolio are also worth your time.

Sensual Jane

The Milk Bath Series: @sensualjane

The Milk Bath Series keeps going, this time with the beautiful, busty and, yes, sensual Sensual Jane. That’s her name, Sensual Jane, and if you like a girl with big boobs who has hot sex on camera, she will please you very much. She aims to please, and if you’ve seen her hardcore work you know she never leaves a fellow hanging. “What would please you, sir—would it please you if I stripped naked and hopped in this tub of milk? Well, then, that is what I will do.”

These pictures come from HD Love, a Realitykings site that takes beautiful images of hardcore action to new levels. It is possible to make beautiful porn, and HD Love delivers just that. Check it out!



The Milk Bath Series: @Bryci

Welcome to another installment of The Milk Bath Series! this time it’s Bryci, and as you can see she looks fantastic in a pool of the white stuff. Yes, “the white stuff” — milk! What other white stuff were you thinking of, you dirty man you? Go make your own milk bath. Or maybe you’re already working on that. I don’t wanna know!

See more of Bryci and her milky jugs at her site, Bryci.com, where you will find hundreds of galleries of this busty beauty.

Join Bryci.com Official Site

Join Bryci.com Official Site

Sarah Nicola Randall

The Milk Bath Series: @MissSarahRandz Splashes her 32Hs

There’s no doubt that big boobs and milk naturally go together, but mother nature’s way is to have the milk coming out of the big boobs. For feeding babies.

But say you take a girl with big boobs, like British babe Sarah Randall here, and drop her into a tub full of milk — well, it doesn’t make any logical sense, but it just works. Nobody’s getting nourished here and at the end of the day it might be a waste of milk, but damn — it’s a feast for the eyes. And you have to think it must be good for the skin, or something.

SEE MORE: The Milk Bath Series

Sarah has her own site that is bursting at the seams with big boob photo galleries and videos — visit SarahRandall.com, part of the PinupFiles empire.

Sarah Nicola RandallSarah Nicola Randall


The Milk Bath Series: Lizzy of MC-Nudes Gives Her Boobs the Vitamin D

Why do we like the sight of a girl bathing in milk? What a silly question! We like it because we fucking like it, end of story! Milk is just so… milky good. And think about what else you put in a tub or bowl of milk. Breakfasty goodness, that’s what. If milk is good enough for Kix, Trix and Honey Smacks, it’s good enough for tits and ass. Does this make any logical sense? Fuck no!

Here’s Lizzy of MC-Nudes in milk, and wow, what a model Lizzy is. Or maybe was? Lizzy might have retired. The good thing about a site like MC-Nudes is it keeps Lizzy’s huge archive right there at your fingertips — if you want dozens more Lizzy galleries and hundreds more pictures of this beauty, MC-Nudes is an awesome site for you.


The Milk Bath Series: Susann of Femjoy Has Lactose Tolerant Boobs

What is it about a woman in a tub full of milk that gets us going? I don’t really know, but — damn, it is hot. And you can find lots of girls who’ve done the milk bath photo shoot, and they ar all hot. I got ’em, and I’ll be sharing. The first is a classic from one of Femjoy’s best models, Susann. You know, they’re right — this does promote a strong bone:

Femjoy Banner