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Tessa Fowler

The Perfect Woman, @TessaFowler to Soothe Your Valentine’s Day Loneliness

Look, Valentine’s Day is kind of shitty. If you got yourself a girl, you may or may not get a blowjob. If you don’t got yourself a girl, you definitely won’t get a blowjob and on top of that you won’t even get any human tenderness and cuddling—which are nice things, but if you get them without a blowjob they’re a bit hollow.

You know what? Whatever. This site does not deal in reality, it deals in fantasy. And if you are going to fantasize, then fantasize about the fucking best of the best of the best. Dream big. Climb the highest mountain and ford the hottest stream. You know?

Here’s Tessa Fowler, who is basically the hottest thing in the world. It is her Valentine to you. She cares about you and wants you to have something nice to look at, whatever your complicated real-life Valentine situation might be. Enjoy these pictures, just a small sampling of the abundant beauty you will find at TessaFowler.com.

Tessa Fowler

Lovely @tessafowler’s Nude Boobs Got So Big They Needed Their Own Website!

They got “big” as in “popular” — Tessa is among the biggest talents in the PinupFiles.com stable, so launching her own site, TessaFowler.com, was a good move. Tessa is a big draw. Tessa is big time. Tessa has a big smile and a big personality. Tessa is kind of a big deal.

Tessa fills a 32GG bra to the point of bursting. Tessa has BIG TITS.

Boy, you didn’t see that one coming, did you? See more of Tessa and her large ladylumps at TessaFowler.com!

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Tessa Fowler

Praise the Lord, @tessafowler is washing her car topless again

Yes the Carolina cutie with the cans that don’t quit is giving her hooptie the old rub-a-dub-dub. Look what a thorough job she does! The going rate for car washes in your hood is $20 but just for you Tessa will scrub your ride until it sparkles for the reasonable price of $1,000. And you’ll pay it, you know you will.

Seriously this girl is pretty much winning the internet right now. Well, the part of the internet that is obsessed with boobs, which is only about 2/3 of it. You will find lots lots more Tessa perfection at PinupFiles. You should also follow Tessa on Twitter.


Tessa Fowler

Tessa Fowler Is So Goddamn Hot

Sometimes a girl comes along and she is just so jaw-droppingly sexy you hesitate to even tarnish her images with your clumsy, fumbling words. That’s the case with young star Tessa Fowler — really, what is there to say about this Palmetto-state stunner? I could go all blah blah blah big tits blah blah blah redhead blah blah blah cute face blah blah blah shiny porcelain skin blah blah but come on, nothing I can write here can compete with these photos. So I’m just gonna shut up now. Enjoy the pictures, there are tons more at Pinupfiles.


Tessa Fowler

Tessa Fowler @TessaFowler loves her some Cocks

The massively boobiful Tessa Fowler debuted this week on PinupFiles, and man is she psyched.

Psyched about being on PinupFiles? Hey, guys have been staring at her tits (30GG) for a long time, so it’s not like there was any doubt she’d be a star on a site like PinupFiles, where the girls are pretty and the boobs are big.

But knowing what I do about her, I can say she is most definitely psyched for college football season, which is right around the corner. Tessa was featured in a Playboy College Girls issue from 2012 representing her school, South Carolina, which is ranked #7 in the preseason poll.

“Go Cocks!” Tessa says, and you’d be a fool to argue with her. If Tessa wants the Cocks to go, then I predict that the Cocks will go. She’s very persuasive. Rah rah for more Tessa at Pinupfiles.