Charlee Chase

Generous @Charlee_Chase tweets boobs and boobs and boobs (90 pictures)

Charlee Chase
This gallery may seem like overkill, but it proves a point.

Charlee Chase is a giver. A giver and a giver and a giver. I knew she tweeted a lot of sexy self shots, usually naked, but just for the sake of scientific inquiry I went back and grabbed every one she’d posted for the past month to her @Charlee_Chase feed.

I ended up with over 100 pictures. That’s right, Charlee Chase tweets pictures of her usually-naked self, paying particular attention to those unbelievable MILF boobs, at a better than 3-a-day clip. That’s just the self-shots — if I had grabbed the samples from her site we might have been up in the 150-picture range.

And that would just be ridiculous. I am not going to post a gallery of 150 pictures of Charlee Chase. You’ll have to be content with these 90.

Remember, this is one month on Twitter for @Charlee_Chase. ONE MONTH. The visual diary of a hot mom with perfect boobs who wants you to enjoy them. She is a giver.

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