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Happy 22nd Birthday to @lshima_model – Here are her 22 Best Nudes

It is L. Shima’s birthday today and I feel she deserves a love-fest of a post because she is so freakin’ amazing. First, the facts:

1. If you haven’t heard of or seen L. Shima before, you are in for a hell of an experience. She is a super-beautiful girl who is super-comfortable with her super-incredible body. She just likes taking sexy pictures! If that means taking her clothes off, hey, not a problem. And yeah, she’s “exotic,” I’m sure she’s tired of hearing that every 5 minutes but it’s part of the package.
2. Speaking of “exotic” — the answer to your second question is African American/Irish/German/Japanese. The answer to your first question is 34F. I know how you think.
3. “22 best nudes” is a bit of a misnomer. Because all of her nudes are outstanding. I intended to get her 22 best from lshima.tumblr.com for this occasion, and downloaded over 200. Yeesh. Yes, her pictures are that good.
4. Astute counters in the crowd (there are always a few) will note that there are 30 pictures in this gallery. Well, I got it down to almost 22 and was just tired of throwing out perfectly good pictures, and some of them are more nude than others, and some aren’t nude at all (yes, she is a knockout even with her clothes on)… fuck it, there are at least 22 nude/topless pics here and they are all amazing. Stop worrying about the number.

Damn that’s a lot of preamble for a post that is supposedly wishing her a happy birthday. Did I even say it yet? No? Well HAPPY BIRTHDAY L. SHIMA… YOU ARE A STAR… DON’T EVER CHANGE.

You should follow L. Shima on Twitter and Instagram and Tumblr (best. tumblr. ever.) and Facebook. And now the pictures:

Click the picture below to go to her online store and find out how you can buy yourself a little bit of pictorial L. Shima magic for your very own:
L. Shima Prints

L. Shima also started her own podcast last week, and she will be updating every Wednesday on her UStream channel. Here’s the archived first episode:

Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream

And finally, you photographers in the crowd will want to know about this (click it to go there):
L. Shima Nude Photo Workshop

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