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Lana Kendrick

Oh Boy — @kendrick_lana’s New Site Is Coming! These Boobs Deserve It

The word on the street is Lana Kendrick will be officially launching her own website this Friday, November 7. The site will be a production of PinupFiles, which is a fine site for large-breasted models and (basically) brought Lana and all her curvy awesomeness to the masses of internet users. The pictures below are from Lana’s latest PinupFiles set.

Now, if you go to Lana’s site LanaKendrick.com, you will see that it is totally up and running and in fact there is a bunch of stuff there for you to see. But Lana herself, on Twitter, says it doesn’t “premier” until Friday. Hey, I know nothing, I am merely the messenger here. We know PinupFiles is an awesome site to join right now if you like beautiful girls with big boobs, and for those same reasons LanaKendrick.com will also be awesome, when it is join-able, which may or may not be right now.

Look, Lana’s boobs:

Alice Goodwin PinupFiles

Alice Goodwin PinupFiles

Georgie Lyall of Pinupfiles

Georgie Lyall’s 32F Boobs Want Their Own Country #ScotlandDecides

Actually, I don’t know whether Scottish porn star Georgie Lyall (or her 32F boobs) wants Scotland to break away from the UK or continue to be part of it. I don’t know because she doesn’t seem to have a Facebook or Twitter on which to air her views, therefore they are unknowable. But regardless, Scottish citizens vote today to decide their fate, and many feel like Mark Renton in Trainspotting:

It’s SHITE being Scottish! We’re the lowest of the low. The scum of the fucking Earth! The most wretched, miserable, servile, pathetic trash that was ever shat into civilization. Some hate the English. I don’t. They’re just wankers. We, on the other hand, are COLONIZED by wankers.

Which brings us back to Scottish lass Georgie Lyall, who in a manner of speaking gets paid to be colonized by wankers and invaded by willies. (Here she is taking a good conquering in a Big Tits at Work scene.) Will Scotland break off, or will it stay part of the UK? Hey, it’s all good as long as Georgie Lyall keeps getting naked. Here’s a look back at one of her first unclothed efforts with PinupFiles — the girl has talent!

Alice Goodwin PinupFiles

Tessa Fowler

Praise the Lord, @tessafowler is washing her car topless again

Yes the Carolina cutie with the cans that don’t quit is giving her hooptie the old rub-a-dub-dub. Look what a thorough job she does! The going rate for car washes in your hood is $20 but just for you Tessa will scrub your ride until it sparkles for the reasonable price of $1,000. And you’ll pay it, you know you will.

Seriously this girl is pretty much winning the internet right now. Well, the part of the internet that is obsessed with boobs, which is only about 2/3 of it. You will find lots lots more Tessa perfection at PinupFiles. You should also follow Tessa on Twitter.


Tessa Fowler

Tessa Fowler Is So Goddamn Hot

Sometimes a girl comes along and she is just so jaw-droppingly sexy you hesitate to even tarnish her images with your clumsy, fumbling words. That’s the case with young star Tessa Fowler — really, what is there to say about this Palmetto-state stunner? I could go all blah blah blah big tits blah blah blah redhead blah blah blah cute face blah blah blah shiny porcelain skin blah blah but come on, nothing I can write here can compete with these photos. So I’m just gonna shut up now. Enjoy the pictures, there are tons more at Pinupfiles.


Gemma Massey

Nude entrepreneur @LadyGemmaMassey wants to do your eyebrows

I want to share two interesting things about Gemma Massey, and no, I’m not talking about her tits. Those are interesting too, but I’m jumping ahead. First thing is that Gemma is now in the business of “semi-permanent makeup” which as best I can tell means she does cosmetic touch-ups on eyebrows and other parts of the face that last a few years. That’s thing #1 and as always I applaud heartily any glamour girl who has the entrepreneurial spirit.


Ok, so I’m a bit more excited about thing #2, and for good reason. Here are the samples of the pictures, complete with interesting tits, enjoy: