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Lindsey Pelas

You MUST Vote for @LindseyPelas to Be Cyber Girl of the Year #CGOY

Lindsey Pelas for CGOY at PlayboyPlusI don’t care. I don’t wanna hear it. Don’t even bother trying to convince me that any other girl should win. Lindsey Pelas is the favorite and the rightful winner and that is simply that.

Is it because she has the biggest boobs? Well, that is a factor. I can take that criticism, if it is criticism—”You just want her to win because she has the biggest boobs.” Look, somebody has to have the biggest boobs, that’s just a fact of life. And if I’m picking the CGOY I am not going to pick a girl who has A-cups. I’m just not. So yes, it is not surprising that I would endorse Lindsey Pelas.

Go to the Cybergirl of the Year voting page and vote your conscience. If you’re conscience doesn’t tell you to vote Lindsey, well, I think you’re a little nutty, but whatever.

Lindsey is clearly the best. And if she wins, there will be many, many, many more pictures and videos of her (and yes, those spectacular breasts) at PlayboyPlus.

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Elizabeth Ostrander

Playmate @Miss_ElizabethO Has Things on her Boobs Most Playmates Don’t

Freckles! This seafaring babe is shipshape with graceful lines, a prominent bow and a tight stern, etc etc, but in addition to all the usual reasons you might lust a stunning Playboy Playmate, there’s the freckle factor. Seriously, can you remember the last time you saw a Playmate who is this freckly? Maybe Scarlett Keegan 10 years ago. And maybe if you go way, way back before those Playboy guys fell in love with their airbrushes you might find some girls with lots of freckles. But I’ll wager that Elizabeth Ostrander is the freckliest Playmate ever. Isn’t that great? Freckles are awesome. So are Elizabeth’s boobs.

See more of Elizabeth’s boobs, freckles, and general gorgeousness at Playboy.com.

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Karin Taylor, Jami Ferrell, Rachel Jean Marteen Playboy Safari

This Is the Greatest Playboy Photo Shoot Ever. #Fact

In 1999, Playboy put three popular Playmates on a plane and flew them to Africa with photographer Richard Fegley, and what happened next is, in my humble opinion, the greatest photo shoot Playboy has ever done. The cast of characters set it up for greatness—you’ve got Karin Taylor and Jami Ferrell, who are two of the best Playmates of the ’90s. Really, they’re both for sure in the top 10. And then you’ve got Rachel Jean Marteen, who is undoubtedly a very beautiful girl, maybe not in my personal top 10 but certainly a knockout by any standards. Fegley is one of the great Playboy shooters, his images at the start of his career helped define the Playboy look of the ’70s. This would be one of his last shoots for Playboy, as he died in 2001. And then you’ve got Africa itself—specifically, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Botswana—good lord, if this doesn’t make you want to be a rich bastard roaming the savanna with your own naked and racially-diverse harem, I feel bad for you son.

In the magazine, it was 10 pages, and some of the images were quite small. And even then, a lot of great stuff was left out. But nothing is left out at Playboy’s official site. They’ve got 80+ shots from this naked adventure! That is just fucking awesome!

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Sophie Monk Playboy

Sophie Monk Naked in Playboy is Everything You Want Her to Be

So actress/model/singer Sophie Monk is in Playboy. You may have heard this, and you may very well have wondered “Who is Sophie Monk?” Well, there’s no real reason most people will know — her career consists of pop-music success in Australia, a series of Hollywood(ish) movies you wouldn’t want to watch, and modeling of some sort. I have all along had a vague idea of Sophie Monk, I knew that she was hot, but I have probably never heard a Sophie Monk song or seen a movie she was in.

Here’s the thing, though: Sophie Monk is really extremely good looking, and looks really really really extremely good naked. Playboy‘s got her, and while I’d never suggest she’s some mega-star, at least she is completely fucking amazing. This is the sexiest celebrity photo shoot Playboy has done in awhile — but then, everything about Playboy‘s photography is moving in the right direction these days. If you haven’t checked out Playboy’s naked-lady site recently, you should — they are posting some great pictures of great girls these days, you might be surprised.

And then there is Sophie Monk — because, hey, if you’re not going to get Jennifer Lawrence or Scarlett Johansson naked in your mag (and face it, you’re not), at least you can get someone who is really really really hot. Sophie fills that role beautifully. Enough words, see for yourself:

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Eugenia Diordiychuk and Sarah Summers

Let Nude Playboy Models @e_diordiychuk and @SarahSummersPB Warm You Up

It sure ain’t summer today — no sirree, it’s colder than a well-digger’s asshole where I am and in many parts of the world. Summer’s fun, though, isn’t it? Particularly a summer pool party on a warm day packed with nubile Playboy models — let the bikini babes burn a few burgers on the grill and take a dip in the pool. And then whoops, the one named Sarah has a bikini malfunction, and the one named Eugeniya starts pulling it the rest of the way off, and pretty soon the bikinis are strewn about the grass and Sarah and Eugeniya are intently squeezing each other’s Charmin, oblivious to the party going on around them. Which is ok, because the party is oblivious to them. And by now the burgers really are burning.

Sarah Summers, the blonde, is a pretty standard awesome blonde Playboy model, and Eugeniya Diordiychuk, the brunette, is a Ukrainian Playmate who is better known online as Jenya D and Katie Fay. See more of both Sarah and Eugeniya at Playboy.com.

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Alyssa Arce from Yume Magazine

Damn, Alyssa Arce Is WORKING it After Playboy

A girl becomes a Playboy Playmate — hey, she’s reached the mountaintop. The nudie mountaintop, which I imagine is like a big breast thrusting out of the ground, and she’s standing there on the tippy-top of the nipple, for her allotted month screaming at the top of her ample lungs, “I am the sexiest! Hear me world, I am Miss July and I am the sexiest woman on the planet at this very moment, and for these 31 days!”

And then what? She goes to a lot of parties at an old boy’s “Mansion”, plays croquet with Matthew Perry and volleyball with James Caan and more or less fades into the background? That is basically what happens. But not so with Alyssa Arce, who was a hell of a Playmate with her L.A. Speedway photo shoot and such. Alyssa stripped for Playboy. Alyssa stripped for Terry Richardson. Alyssa stripped for S Magazine.

Here’s Alyssa again getting sexy and basically nude. Not stripping but what she’s wearing is see-through so it’s all good. This is for Yume magazine; you may want to visit the large repository of arty nude shoots at yumemag.net.

Don’t you stop doing you, Alyssa Arce. Don’t you ever stop.

Lindsey Pelas

Playboy did a good thing with @LiNDSEY_P_ because BOOBS

I don’t think a girl should be penalized for having huge, shapely, miraculous boobies. I just don’t. This may not be a popular thing to say, but it’s my credo: Girls with big tits deserve love too.

(My other credo is — if you have to have a credo — you know, go for it. You only go around this crazy merry-go-round once.)

So I imagine Playboy took a look at the goddess-like Lindsey Pelas and they thought, hmm… she’s very pretty but her triple-D boobs are also huge and amazing. Is this what our readers want? Is it possible there is too much amazingness here and we should go with someone less amazing?

There’s much more of Lindsey and her abundant amazingness at Playboy.com. C’mon, she’s waiting for you. Don’t hate her because she’s boobiful.

Dani Mathers

Guns a-Blazing, It’s Playboy Playmate @DaniMathers

What do you need to know about Playboy Playmate Dani Mathers? I mean, it’s not like I personally know her. I know she has a winning smile and a slammin’ body, and I know a little of her personality from following her on Twitter (@DaniMathers). You know, some Playboy models, they pose nude but keep it PG-13 on the twitter — not Dani Mathers. In fact just last week she was so happy about the weather she tweeted a topless picture from this session with the caption:

“Sun’s out guns out! #summerstartsnow”

That’s right — bare boobies = guns. I like the cut of your jib, Dani Mathers. See more of her jibbie-jibs at Playboy.com.

Lisa Winters

Tribute to Bunny Yeager: Playboy Playmate Lisa Winters

Bunny Yeager, a photographer of pinup models and a former model herself, died this weekend at age 85. Yeager was truly a hot piece of tail, let’s not let that go unsaid. Or unshown:

For all her pinup work, she will probably be remembered for a couple related things. One was her connection to Bettie Page — Yeager shot some jungle-themed pictures of Bettie that are iconic, as well as the famous Christmas picture of a winking Bettie that became the January, 1955 centerfold in Playboy magazine. Bunny went on to shoot a handful of other Playmate pictorials.

Bunny shot pictures for many other publications, but Playboy is the mammoth name brand and, because it has endured, it’s one of the only places you’ll find high-resolution pictures by Bunny. You can go to plenty of blogs and message boards where you’ll find scans from long-dead magazines, but you have to join Playboy.com for the best stuff.

Here’s my favorite Playmate pictorial by Bunny — Lisa Winters, Miss December 1956. Rest in peace, Bunny.

Kennedy Summers

Kennedy Summers @misskennedys Is Playmate of the Year

Here she is, boys, Playmate of the Year 2014 Kennedy Summers. Playboy sez:

For our 60th year of publication we wanted our PMOY to have it all, and Kennedy has it in spades. Not only does she possess off-the-charts pulchritude, this brainy bombshell has degrees in anthropology and health administration, with a Ph.D. in medicine on the way. The Berlin-born, Virginia-raised international model first submitted pictures of herself to us online from her then hometown of Chicago, which happens to be Playboy’s birthplace. “I had decided I was done with modeling and thought becoming a Playmate would be the most amazing way to finish out my 12-year modeling career,” Kennedy explains. Sixty years to the month after Marilyn Monroe appeared on the cover of Playboy, Kennedy became Miss December 2013. But your votes—and Hef—wouldn’t let that be the end of Kennedy’s modeling days. “I’m Playmate of the Year now?” she says, “Did not see that coming!”

There’s a ton ‘o Kennedy at playboy.com and now that she’s PMOY there will only be more and more on the way.