Joey Fisher

More of @joeyfisher_ and her HUGE BOOBS just in time for #tittytuesday (57 pictures)

Three weeks ago I brought you a few pictures of 19-year-old English girl Joey Fisher and you guys were all over her like piranhas on a helpless cow.

That’s not a great metaphor, is it?

Point is, when I put “19-year-old” and “HUGE BOOBS” in the same sentence, you could not help but click. And it’s a good thing you did! This girl is hot as fuck, maybe the next big boob star out of England.

The first three pictures here are from the Nuts issue that came out today — theme is “New Babes with Big Boobs!” Joey’s are the biggest, but the other girls are amply endowed as well — if you live where Nuts is sold, go buy this.

The other 57 pictures are from her previous Nuts shoot.

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