Elle Evans aka Lindsey Gayle

Elle Evans of Blurred Lines — aka Playboy Playmate Lindsey Gayle Evans

Elle Evans aka Lindsey Gayle
I was a little hesitant to say Elle Evans, of the “Blurred Lines” nakedness video by Robin Thicke, is Lindsey Gayle Evans, Playboy‘s Miss October 2009. There is a difference there — Lindsey Gayle Evans looks like a Playmate, after all, while Elle Evans looks like a fashion model. But they’re the same chick. Lindsey Gayle Evans was a Miss Teen USA Louisiana who ran into a little trouble — seems she pulled the dine-and-dash, but then went back to the restaurant to get her purse, which (doh!) had a baggie of doobage in it. So that was the end of her beauty-queening. But a little weed won’t keep you out of Playboy (nor should it!). She was also deadmau5’s girl for awhile.

Playboy.com has a ton of pictures and videos of her.

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