Fanny Fox Knows What You’re Thinking. Selfie Magazine Issue 7!

Here, have a spot of British MILF. Only the finest for you, guv’na. She’s fond of photographs and sport — say no more!

Fanny Fox (@FannyFoxUK) is the foxiest bit of MILF fanny you will find on Twitter. Well, that’s what her bio says — “Officially The UK’s first hottest sexiest MILF.” Ok, what is this office issuing these official proclamations, and part b) of this question is: Can I have a job?

(Speaking of jobs, check out Fanny Fox’s Erotic Stories — Just 69p! Good job Fanny!)

I say Fanny is a bit of “fanny” which of course means vagina in the UK, but I’m not really here to praise her vagina — because frankly I can’t take my eyes off her HUGE MILF TITS. Look at those things! If you were her son’s friend and she caught you checking her out… well, she just might let you give ’em a squeeze. She is so very proud of them. As she should be.

Here, have 20 bra-busting pictures of the lovely, busty and officially sexy Fanny Fox.

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